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Machine Learning and its History

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Machine learning has a history that dates back to 17th century. Machines can learn tasks not explicitly programmed for. This allows us to train machines to work in unknown environments. What is the history of machine-learning? Find out more. It is an important topic that engineers and computer scientists can both learn from. This article will be of interest to anyone interested in the history or machine learning.

Neural networks

Walter Pitts McCulloch (a neurophysiologist) and Warren Sturgis McCulloch (a mathematician) were the first to create artificial neural networks. Their work was pivotal in creating the foundation for neural network technology. The two scientists used logic gates to model neurons and were able show that an output is only active when it is active. Their goal was to simplify the brain's functioning, which in turn opened the doors for machine-learning.

Convolutional neural networks

Convolutional neural systems are made up multiple layers of artificial cells. Each neuron within the network is a mathematical functions that calculates the activation. It is a weighted sum or sum of all its inputs. Artificial neurons can recognize various visual features if they are given pixel values. CNN starts with a convolutional layer. The input image is the raw data. Each layer then generates activation mappings that highlight various features of the image.

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Although the concept is not new to machine learning, it was first used for boosting in the 1990s. It is an algorithm that helps reduce bias during supervised learning, by transforming weak learners into strong ones. Robert Schapire presented the concept boosting in 1990 in a paper. He explained how to turn weak classifiers in strong classes. The weak learner is not closely related to the true classification. Strong learners are more aligned with it.

Turing test

The Turing Test is one of the most important concepts within the philosophy of artificial Intelligence. Using a computer as the subject of an interrogation, the machine must be able to produce an enquiry that the human interrogator does not understand. Turing Test passes machines that are capable of doing this. This test can attract projects whose sole purpose is to fool judges.

Deep learning

Machine learning and deep-learning have their roots in 1965, when Valentin Grigoryevich Lapa and Alex Grigoryevich Ivakhnenko devised an algorithm that employed polynomial activation factors. The idea behind the algorithm was to recreate the brain’s neural networks using data analysis. However, funding was not available for artificial intelligence research in the 1960s. Individuals continued to work on it.

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Machine Learning and its History